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Atlanta small business newsA business news network for Atlanta small business entrepreneurs looking for the edge

We are an Atlanta small business news source for the small business community in the Atlanta market. Our goal is to make it simple for you to stay informed about trends and developments that directly affect you, an Atlanta small business owner!

We want to become your go-to resource for daily updates of interest that can help you adapt and grow. We understand that unless you take the time to learn from other success stories, you will have little opportunity to compete effectively.

How important is it to stay up-to-date on business issues? Critically. All successful small businesswomen and men stay informed about news and updates, from all perspectives – local, regional, national, and international.

We provide the avenue to Atlanta small business developments the world over, enabling you to participate in small business trends within your industry and market. Because, what happens in China, India, Brazil and anywhere else in the world, now, more than ever before, has a profound effect upon your company.

How can this help my Atlanta small business?  I already blog and engage with social media

Two years ago, that may have been enough. The problem is that everyone has caught on and is doing the same things. To truly establish a competitive advantage you must keep abreast of developments as they occur. MySmallBusinessAtlanta.com will provide you will a daily synopsis of what is happening today from Singapore to Smyrna.

Our business news network also offers tips and insights into what you can expect from the marketing world in general and the Internet specifically. Our sources will range from Warren Buffett to Google’s Matt Cutts. We will bring you the latest from not only reliable sources like Bloomberg and CNN, but also from Atlanta’s hotspots and latest happenings from successful Atlanta entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Observing the competition and reacting quickly and precisely has built virtually every successful Atlanta small business – and that's what you'll get from MySmallBusinessAtlanta.com.

…Can I take it to the bank?

It was Voltaire who first noted:

“In the case of news, we should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation.”

His point was that news is little more than fiction until it is corroborated with a reliable source. We are that source. We will present current, accurate and dependable content that gives you the edge on your competitors. If you read it here, you and your Atlanta small business can count on it to be valid, centered, interesting and timely.

So, welcome to MySmallBusinessAtlanta.com!  We are poised to become your number one Atlanta small business news resource.

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